This is a sad, but needed, goodbye. 

Hello, it’s Riley here. This is a hard thing for Zane and I to do, but we are officially closing this blog. No, not deleting, just closing.

This means we will no long accept questions nor update the blog. Any activity here will cease to exist. 

Zane and I are both terribly sorry for this, but we felt as if it was needed. We’ve made some great connections and friends through the blog, and we love and greatly appreciate all of your support. 

Our reasons behind closing the blog are simply these:

One, we do not have interest in the jade/dave pairing anymore. I know this seems silly, but we’ve had little interest in the pairing for a long time. This is a small reason, but yet it couples with the ones below.

Two, Zane is no longer interested in cosplaying Jade. He no longer wishes to be her, and hopes to move on to better and bigger cosplays. However; I will not stop cosplaying Dave.

Three is, well, we just aren’t interested in running this blog anymore.

We really do enjoy interacting with fans and the fandom, and we hope to open a new ask blog sometime.

We are not sure what characters the blog will hold, but it will be homestuck. If you have suggestions for characters, please either reply to this post, answer the question, or send me (Riley) an ask here. Thank you for your love and support—we really appreciate it. 

Thank you guys again.

Love, Riley and Zane

Suggestions for new characters for a new blog?

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